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Vice President Walter Mondale

1980 - Vice President Walter Mondale along with (L to R) Eleanor, Joan, Ted and William as they receive their ballots to vote at the Afton Town Hall. President Jimmy Carter and Vice President Mondale lost the election to Republican candidates Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush..

This photo is part of a picture story I did on election judges at the Afton Town Hall. I choose the Afton Town Hall because it’s picturesque and that Vice President Mondale would vote there. I talked with the head election judge in Afton for approval to do my picture story and got a letter from the Secretary of State to be in the polling place for the day. I arrived at 5:30 AM to get election judges as they arrived at the town hall and followed the election process throughout the day. Finally leaving around 2 AM the next morning after all the paper ballots had been counted, sealed in envelopes and taken to the county clerks office. The Mondale’s arrived late morning to vote and all of the press was kept outside the polling place. This is the only photo of the Vice President and his family preparing to cast their ballots in the 1980 Presidential election. A gallery of the picture story is hanging in the Legislative Reference Library in the State Office Building.

1983 - Former Vice President Walter Mondale and wife, Joan, wave to well wishers after Mondale announced that he will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination to run against President Ronald Reagan. VP Mondale got the nomination but lost the election in a landslide only winning Minnesota.

1984 - Former Vice President Walter Mondale makes history by naming Geraldine Ferraro as the first female running mate on a major party ticket. Mondale and Ferraro are joined by their families during the announcement.

1984 - Democratic Presidential candidate Walter Mondale greets well wishers during a campaign stop in Minneapolis.

1984 - Democratic Presidential candidate Walter Mondale receives a broom for a clean sweep during a campaign stop in St. Paul. Daughter, Eleanor, right, joined him on stage,

2012 - Former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Walter Mondale and Gov. Mark Dayton at the dedication of the Hubert H Humphrey statue on the grounds of the state Capitol.


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