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May 30 - Historic Marijuana Bill Signed Into Law

Gov. Tim Walz hands former Gov. Jesse Ventura one of the pens used to sign the Marijuana Bill into law. Former Gov. Ventura began the process of legalizing marijuana during his administration twenty years ago. Minnesota becomes the 23rd state to make marijuana use legal for adults 21 and older beginning August 1. The bills provision will begin gradually, first decriminalizing cannabis and home cultivation will be allowed. It may take up to a year before marijuana will be available in retail outlets. It took numerous hearing in the House and Senate before the 321-page bill to legalize marijuana passed the legislature earlier this month.

Gov. Tim Walz tells a packed reception room of advocates that one of the first things is to hire a director of the Office of Cannabis Management. The newly formed office will take some time to get up and running before the sale of marijuana in retail store.

House author Rep. Zack Stephenson, right, former Gov. Jesse Ventura and Senate author Sen Lindsey Port, left, smile after a comment made by Gov. Tim Walz.

Senate author Sen. Lindsey Port speaks during the signing ceremony of the historic Marijuana Bill.

House author Rep. Zack Stephenson speaks during the signing ceremony of the historic Marijuana Bill.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura who during his administration first lit the fuse for the legalization of marijuana twenty years ago said he was glad he lived long enough to see this day.

Gov. Tim Walz signs into law the Marijuana Bill making Minnesota the 23rd state to approve the use of recreational marijuana by adults 21 and older.

Gov. Tim Walz and former Gov. Jesse Ventura share a laugh after the signing of the Marijuana Bill into law.

Anita Wolfe, a member of Minnesota Campaign for Full Legalization, holds her “Thank You - Free at Last” sign outside Gov. Walz office after the Marijuana Bill was signed into law.


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