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May 17 - Rallies and a Retirement

Lobbyists Erik Simonson, left and Brent Urdahl talk on a bench off of the Senate Chamber.

Cheryl Larson, holding the round ERA YES sign, and other ERA advocates rally outside the House Chamber as members inside begin to debate the ERA bill that would let voters decide during the 2026 election to put the Equal Right Amendment into the constitution.

Minnesota Uber Lyft Driver Association members parade around the Capitol past the House and Senate Chambers urging legislators to take action on a pay raise for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Senate Sergeant at Arms Sven Lindquist pets Metka, the bomb sniffing dog, as she makes her rounds with her handler, Trooper Todd Winters, for the last time after eight and a half years of service at the Capitol. Senate sergeant Gordon Dean moves in to give Metka a farewell pet.


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