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March 30 - IT’S LAW! - $25 Million for ALS Research and Caregivers

Gov. Tim Walz declares, “It’s Law” as he hands Sen. David Tomassoni the pen he used to sign Tomassoni’s bill that will provide $25 million in grants for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research and caregivers.

Sen. David Tomassoni gets a pat on the back from Sen. Jim Abeler as his son, Danny, pushes him into the Gov.’s reception room for the signing of Tomassoni’s bill that will provide $25 million in grants for ALS research and caregivers.

Gov. Tim Walz announces that this bill will provide $25 million in grants for ALS research and caregivers during a bill signing ceremony at the Capitol.

Gov Tim Walz tells the family of Sen.Tomassoni, legislators and ALS advocates that this is a celebration of bipartisan work to pass a bill.

Danny and Dante, sons of Sen.Tomassoni, wipe tears as their father thanks Gov. Tim Walz, legislators and ALS advocates that helped get his ALS funding bill passed.

Sen. Tom Bakk said that Sen. Tomassoni’s ALS funding bill was a good show of bipartisan work. The bill got no “NO” votes in both the House and Senate. Sen. Bakk, a coauthor, guided the bill through the legislative process.

Rep. Dave Lisiegard told Sen. Tomassoni that he is a mentor to me during the signing ceremony.

Dante Tomassoni wipes tears from the face of his father after comments from Sen. Bakk and Rep. Lisiegard.

Sen. Tomassoni watches as Gov. Tim Walz signs legislation that will provide $20 million for grants in ALS research and $5 million for grants to ALS caregiving. Sen. Tomassoni is the chief author of the legislation and was diagnosed with ALS in 2021.

Former Minnesota Twins first baseman Kent Hrbek teases Gov. Tim Walz who was signing multiple copies of Tomassoni’s ALS funding bill that he could autograph some baseball cards too. Hrbek lost his father to ALS.

Gov. Tim Walz makes sure that former Minnesota Twins star Kent Hrbek gets one of the ceremonial bill signing pens and then in return gets a bear hug from Hrbek.

Legislators and ALS advocates greet Sen. David Tomassoni after the bill signing ceremony.


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