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June 14 - An Evening with Jackson Browne - The Ledge Amphitheater, Waite Park

It was a perfect evening to be outside and listen to Jackson Browne perform twenty-four of his hits and some new material from his resent release “Downhill From Everywhere”. Browne, one of America’s great singer/songwriters, played for nearly three hours moving from guitar to piano to perform These Days, The Pretender, Running on Empty, Sky Blue and Black and finishing the evening with The Load-Out and Stay. The Ledge Amphitheater is a 6.000 seat entertainment venue in Waite Park about an hour and a half from the Twin Cities just off Interstate 94. Concert goers won’t be disappointed wherever their seat is located in this intimate amphitheater. It was one of those perfect Minnesota evenings and to top off a great concert on the drive home a Strawberry Super Moon rose up in the eastern sky.


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