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010521 Minority Leader Kurt Daudt and Deputy Minority Leader Anne New watch a television monitor as members in their Capitol offices prepare to be sworn in.

010521 Rep. Melissa Hortman is elected to a second term as Speaker of the House and sworn in by Supreme Court Associate Justice Paul Thissen.

011921A National Guard armored vehicle blocks of a street leading to the Capitolas a security measure to protect the building from the type of violence that broke out at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6.

012821 My wife, Janine, gets a COVID-19 vaccination during the first day of the vaccine lottery at the Sports Center in Blaine.

030321 Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Jim Schowalter listens as Gov. Tim Walz answers question about the February budget and revenue forecast. The February forecast reversed a $1.27 billion budget shortfall to a $1.6 billion surplus for the next two- year budget period.

030321 Sen Mary Kiffmeyer watches on a laptop as Sen. Jim Carlson asks a question about her bill that would require the Sec of State to submit to political parties the personal information of election judges during a hybrid hearing of the Senate Civil Law and Data Practices Policy Committee.

33021 DFL Gov. Walz and former Republican Gov. Pawlenty are vaccinated with the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine by Homeland Health nurse KaLee Medina, left, and right, president of the Black Nurses Rock Twin Cities Chapter nurse Kelly V. Robinson.

041421 Minnesota National Guard soldiers use the basement of the Capitol as a staging area as part of Operation Safety Net before receiving their assignments around the building and grounds. Guardsmen were part of a unified command to protect lives, property and allow for peaceful protests during and after the trial of a

Minneapolis police officer for the killings of George Floyd and Daunte Wright.

042221 A little girl in a red jacket stopped in front of a large black & white mural of George Floyd that is part of a memorial at E 38th & Chicago Ave. in Minneapolis where Floyd was killed. She had come with her parents to the site from Ohio to pay their respects.

042221 Pictures of George Floyd and Daunte Wright are part of a memorial in the center of the intersection at E 38th St. & Chicago Ave. in Minneapolis.

042621 Rep. Tina Liebling, chair of the Health Finance and Policy Committee, is projected on a monitor at the back of the House Chamber as she presents the omnibus health and human services bill.

050421 Gov. Tim Walz, after holding a news conference calling on the legislature to pass the $150 million summer learning package as part of the COVID-19 Recovery Budget, gives several students on the playgrounp at Alice Smith Elementary School a push on a tire swing.

050521Workers began installing a display of nearly 3,000 red dresses and heart cut outs as part of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Nation Day on the upper mall of the Capitol.

050621 Gov. Tim Walz addresses Minnesotans with a live video announcement on the time-table to lift the COVID-19 restrictions before repeating the time-table during an in-person media availability to answer questions of the media


050621 Twins fans will be able to shed their masks and Minnesotans will be happy to return to normal with the lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions by July 1 after Gov. Tim Walz announced the time table to lift all mask restrictions.

051721 Gov. Tim Walz, with budget agreement in hand, leads House Speaker Melissa Hortman and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka to a news conference where Gov. Walz announced the three had reached an agreement on target numbers.

051921 Former Vice President Walter Mondale dies. In 1984 former Vice President Walter Mondale makes history by naming Geraldine Ferraro as the first female running mate on a major party ticket. Mondale and Ferraro are joined by their families during the announcement in the House Chamber.

052521 People kneel for a moment of silence for 9 minutes and 29 seconds to honor George Floyd on the one year anniversary of his death

060121 Keller Fence Company workers began taking the fence down that had remained up for over a year around the Capitol during the protests over the death of George Floyd threats against the Capitol building.

061421 The group Action 4 Liberty are held at the bottom of the steps leading to the Senate Chamber while the legislature convened the special session. The Senate did not take attempt to refuse to grant Gov. Tim Walz an extension of his emergency powers.

062221 Tony Poole, Steamfitters Local 455, holds up his sign and raises his voice in support of petroleum refinery safety standards along with other members of the Minnesota Building Trades outside the Senate Chamber.

070721 The Senate Republican majority approved the minority motion to adjourn sine die the special session on a 42-18 vote. The Senate DFL Minority moved to adjourn sine die instead of taking any other commissioner votes. The motion to adjourn was in protest over the ousting of PCA commissioner Laura Bishop who resigned minutes before a committee hearing the day before and a sure rejection vote by the Senate.

071121 Cub pharmacists offered Saints fans the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine at CHS Field prior to the home opener.

072821Emilio Gonzales, a food production worker, testifies before the Frontline Worker Pay Working Group during the groups first meeting at the Capitol.

120721 MMB Commissioner JIm Schowalter presents a $7.7 billion projected surplus during a new briefing to release the November revenue forecast..


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