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April 25 - House Votes 71-59 To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Sales In Minnesota

The House of Rep. votes and passes 71-59 the bill that would legalize the recreational marijuana sales in Minnesota.

Rep. Zack Stephenson, chief author of HF100 the legalization of the recreational marijuana sales, holds a news conference Monday, April 24, in the House gallery prior to the House hearing the bill. After several hours of debate the House tabled the bill for a vote on Tuesday, April 25.

Rep. Zack Stephenson gives closing remarks on his bill that would legalize recreational sales of marijuana in Minnesota. The House then voted and passed his bill 71-59.

Rep. Zack Stephenson, back to camera, watches the historic vote on his bill that would legalize recreational marijuana sales in Minnesota. The House passed the bill 71-59.

The Senate will vote on their bill to legalize recreational marijuana sales on Friday, April 28. Any difference in the two bills will need to be resolved in a conference committee. If the House and Senate reach agreement they will have to repass the bill. Gov. Tim Walz said he would sign a recreational marijuana sales bill into law.


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