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An opponent to the End-of-Life Options Act holds her sign outside a packed hearing of the House Health Finance & Policy Committee as other interested people make their way to an overflow room.

The House Health Finance & Policy Committee prepares to hear HF1930 the End- of-Life Options Act.

Rep. Tina Liebling, chair of the House Health Finance & Policy Committee, convenes the hearing and moves HF1930 before the committee.

Nancy Uden, who is terminal with cancer, testifies for the Act.

Rep. Mike Freiberg, chief author of the HF1930 the End-of-Life Options Act, listens as Nancy Uden testifies before the House Health Finance & Policy Committee for the Act.

Dr. CoreyCarroll, Family Physician and National Medical Director for Compassion & Choices testifies before the committee.

Proponents in yellow shirts listen to the testimony.

Professor Thaddeus Mason Pope, JD, PhD, HEC-C Mitchell Hamline School of Law testifies before the committee.

Roz Pearson, of Rochester, an opponent of the End-of-Life Options Act, wears her sign and listens to testimony. The Health Finance & Policy Committee voted to refer HF1930 to the Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee.


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