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2018 Legislative Session

Feb. 20 - Opening Day

Feb. 22 - Protect MN Rally

Several hundred concerned citizens filled the Capitol rotunda for the Protect Minnesota rally, Thursday, Feb, 22 . The groups is lobbying to block dangerous gun bills and to advocate for the passage of bills that would reduce gum violence.

Feb. 28 - Budget & Economic Forecast

Minnesota Management & Budget Commissioner Myron Frans presents the February Budget and Economic Forecast during a news conference at the Capitol.

March 1 - Firearms Bill

Proponents and opponents to two firearms bills being heard by the House Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance Committee gather outside the hearing room prior to the beginning of the hearing.

March 7 - Day at the Capitol

National Eagle Center’s bald eagle “Angel” is on hand during a Capitol rotunda rally for state bonding support to fund an expansion of the center in Wabasha.

March 14 - State of the State Address

Gov. Mark Dayton delivers his final State of the State address to a joint session of the legislature in the House Chamber.

March 24 - March For Our Lives

The March For Life came down Wabasha Street to the State Capitol where around 18,000 supporters rallied for safe schools and the end to gun violence.

March 29 - Day at the Capitol

A young visitor to the Capitol makes his way around the second floor.

March 31 - Rally for Our Gun Rights

April 12 - Day at the Capitol

Gov. Mark Dayton wipes his brow while being agitated and defensive during a media availability at the Capitol. Gov. Dayton criticized Forest Lake elected officials for killing a youth mental health facility, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s record, Republican legislators answer for a nonfunctioning state computer system and defensive about his own record as governor.

April 20 - Nationwide Student Rallies Against Gun Violence - Minnesota

Meara Molitor, Armstrong High School, shows “ Don’t Shoot” on the palms of her hands during a rally of Minnesota students on the steps of the Capitol to call for an end to gun violence. More than 2,000 student walkouts were held nationwide to protest the 1999 shooting that killed 13 people at Columbine High School. This is the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shootings.

April 24 - 24-Hour Sit-In

Erin Maye Quade holds the photograph of a gun violence victim and tells their story during her a 24-hour sit-in in the House Chamber to have the House vote on gun control bills.

April 25 - House Republican Tax Conformity Bill

Members of the House Taxes Committee listen to staff present the omnibus tax bill which addresses to conform the state’s tax code to new federal tax changes.

April 26 - Senate Omnibus Supplemental Budget Bill - Two Gun Prevention Amendments

Marti Priest Hopkins, with Protect Minnesota, holds her sign outside the Senate Chamber, Thursday, April 26, as the Senate hears the Omnibus Supplemental Budget Bill. Sen. Ron Latz hopes to attach two gun violence prevention amendments to the judiciary and public safety section of the omnibus bill.

April 26 - Lobbyists Stay Connected

Lobbyist stay connected to clients texting, talking and on their laptops in the rotunda of the Capitol.

May 2 - Senate Republican Tax Bill

Bloomington Fire Chief BJ Jungmann, left, Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association, Jill Larson, center, Minnesota Business Partnership and Beth Kadoun, right, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, testify before the Senate Tax Committee.

May 2 - Water Action Day - First Nation Portrait

Tania Arbid - Mille Lac Band of Ojibwe

May 2 - Water Action Day Rally

Tania Arbid, Mille Lac Band of Ojibwe, joins Winona LaDuke, executive director of Honor the Earth, on stage as LaDuke speaks to the Water Action Day rally in the rotunda of the Capitol.

May 2 - Enlightening Talk?

Lobbyists Brian Rice and Andrew Kozak talk on a bench lit by a beam of light from a window at the base of the Capitol’s dome.

May 10 - Minnesota Senate Building Going Green

The Minnesota Capitol complex is getting greener with the activation of the first phase of a large new solar array on the roof of the Minnesota Senate Building. The solar project consists of 414 twenty-one square foot panels that produce 133,000 peak watts of direct current power for the building.

May 10 - Reflected Light

Light reflects off the floor and lights lobbyist Sonnie Elliott.

May 17 - Gov. Dayton Vetoes Omnibus Tax Bill

House File 4385, the Omnibus Tax Bill, awaits Gov. Mark Dayton’s veto stamp during a ceremony at Bruce Vento Elementary School. Gov. Dayton is committed to provide $137.9 million in emergency one-time funding to increase resources to every Minnesota school.

May 18 - Day at the Capitol

Microphones that will be used by legislative leaders and Gov. Mark Dayton when they emerge from end of session negotiations are stored in front of the portrait of former Gov. Tim Pawlenty. It giving the appearance that the former governor is ready to give a speech.
The Capitol’s loggia is a great place to view the St. Paul skyline and enjoy a beautiful spring day during the last days of the 2018 session.

May 19 - Day At The Capitol

John Kaul finds a place in the House gallery to rest his head before picking up his camera and getting back to documenting the goings on in the halls of the Capitol. A former aide to Senate Majority Leader Nick Coleman and lobbyist, John is the Capitol’s storyteller with his photographs of sessions over the years.

May 20 - Last Day - Adjournment Sine Die

Legislators, staff, lobbyist and visitors mingle on the second floor of the Capitol waiting see the final bills to pass on the last day of the 2018 legislative session before adjournment sine die. Gov. Dayton will have 14 days to sign or veto any of the bills passed by the legislature.

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