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Moms Demand Action rallied in the rotunda at the Capitol to keep pressure on the legislature to continue to advance gun regulation bills. Democrats main priorities this session are: the Extreme Risk Protection Order, EPRO, better known as the “red flag bill” and background checks. These two proposals could have a chance of passage in the narrowly divided House and Senate chambers. EPRO has the best chance because it focuses on removing guns from people experiencing a mental health crisis after a judges order. This order would apply to a person deemed to be a threat to themselves or others. The ERPO proposal is already being opposed by Republican legislators and gun rights advocates siting that the proposal will lead to unjust seizure of a gun without due process rights. In a new poll of Minnesota voters by Protect Minnesota: 96% support red flag laws and 92% support background checks. Last year in Minnesota 70% of suicide deaths were with a gun.


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